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A vibrant new heart for Caloundra to indulge in unique retail and hospitality experiences in a stunning green environment including 300m2 of vertical and rooftop gardens, pergolas, water features, artworks and so much more.

Paisley Park Project is a fully approved laneway development in the heart of Caloundra CBD with frontage to Ormuz Avenue, Lamkin Lane and Village Way.

The project will revitalise the existing 1950s cottage and create new additional boutique mixed-use spaces for creative businesses to thrive.


A unique experience awaits, stay an hour, stay a day, flit from space to space in your own time. Come again things will have changed, with popup stores, shops on wheels, artisan spaces dotted amongst the tapestry you get to recognise as Paisley Park...

The vision for this exciting addition to the Caloundra scene comes from the hearts and minds of local residents Wayne Moore and Anna Honders, who are both passionate and committed to creating a special place for the local community to be proud of.